Little Green Kettle - vegan blogHi everyone! I can’t believe I was able to hold my tongue until today regarding a very special announcement. I’ve mentioned here and there that something was in the works but now it’s finally up and running and I’m so excited to share it with you today.

I want you to meet Little Green Kettle, my new blog and something I’m really proud of. The unbelievable response it has had in only a few days continues to overwhelm me. The message and content that will fill its “walls” is so important to me that I’m squealing with excitement over announcing my brand new “baby blog”.Little Green Kettle - Health and wellness blog

Little Green Kettle is a site about healthy and sustainable eating, the power of activism and making a difference in this world, it’s a health and wellness blog covering topics such as yoga, meditation and wellbeing, it’s a delicious cooking blog that will hopefully inspire your time in the kitchen. That being said, we’ll be doing lots and lots of cooking, we’ll be sharing stories about activism and the incredible people making a difference all around us. We will practice lots of yoga and get immersed in a world of change, looking at how the small choices we make, impact the big things around us.

I’m keeping this post short so that you can head on out to the Little Green Kettle and do some reading there. Not sure where to start? I recommend the About page and the Welcome post first, here you can read a bit about what we’ll be up to at Little Green Kettle. Still have some time after that? We’ve already got some great posts on a Trip to the Farmer’s Market, Seane Corn and her amazing work around the world with her foundation Off the Mat into the World, a delicious spinach, kale and citrus salad, yummy vegan temakis and a post about Comfort Foods.

New posts are coming in every week and we’re going to have some incredible collaborators from the fields of psychology, medicine, health, physical fitness, yoga and so much more. You can subscribe to the blog via email on the website, join us on facebook and twitter (all of this can also be done through the buttons on the website). Once you’ve stopped by for a visit, if you like it and feel like spreading the word, please share in whatever way you can! We’re trying to reach as many kind hearted people as possible so that we can all start making changes together.

This is Little Green Kettle. Thank you so much for stopping by. I’ll see you in a couple of days with a funny story about creativity, two young boys and mischief.Little Green Kettle - healthy and sustainable eating, whole hearted living



Fresh movie review

It’s been a while since we went to the movies together. This means I have a big bag full of movie recommendations for you and we’ll get to them in the following weeks. Today however I would like to share a very special documentary with you. I’m talking about the 2009 documentary Fresh. Although I’m always on top of any movies that come out that discuss sustainable eating, farming and the food industry, somehow I had missed this little gem. I encourage all of you to watch this film, it’s as worrying as it is heartwarming. In spite of the strong images and information they gather up in this film, watching the superb efforts of farmers like Will Allen and Joel Salatin is such a heartwarming pleasure! I love to see how kindness still shows up in rare human beings like these two rockin’ farmers.

FreshDVD-FThere are so many other films that I would like you to see. Even some not so pleasant ones that have actually changed the way I eat, buy and live, but if you’re not ready to go there yet, this is a great eye opener that instead of leaving you feeling like there’s absolutely no hope for humanity, fills you up with giddy feelings and the urge to travel and meet the wonderful characters that are making such a huge change in the food industry. If you’re feeling daring, I would then move on to others (which I will also talk about soon) like Food Inc., Forks over Knives, Food Fight and Vegucated.

I’m leaving you the trailer for this wonderful and hopeful film here, please watch it and share! You can find the movie on iTunes and Netflix as well as your local DVD store! Host a screening and help spread the word about sustainable living and eating. Now I need to start saving my pennies to travel to Will’s and Joel’s farms! Meeting them would be a dream! I can’t wait for the day I have a bit more time on my hands to create another little blog I’ve been dreaming of writing, all about food, cooking, kindness to our planet and to ourselves. Maybe some day soon! In the meantime, enjoy this post and the movie! Let me know what you think in the comments below!


farmer's market standHappy Saturday everyone! For some reason I woke up bright and early in spite of the foggy winter morning we had today so I decided to jump out of bed put on some jeans and go to the farmer’s market for some goodies. Here are some photos of my little morning expedition.
farmer's market in Madrid

The thick fog made this even more fun, and the cute doggie below was doing his veggie shopping as well.

dog at farmer's market

There’s nothing like the bright colors nature provides right? Isn’t this amazing?

Shopping for veggiesOur local farmer’s market is particularly special. The farmers are extremely friendly and they kept giving me presents and free tastings! I tried some fresh tomatoes and cherries on the spot, and they gave me a huge bunch of fresh parsley as a gift at the end. Lucky me!

Madrid farmer's marketI’m a huge vegetable fan and can’t keep away from them. My hubby and I have been trying to reduce our meat consumption lately so today I got to go crazy buying all my goodies since we’ve been saving so much money on our regular groceries. The great thing about the farmer’s market is that it’s an easy way to see what’s in season and buy as local as possible. Too bad we only have it on Saturdays!

Farmer's market

I have this little habit of trying to buy from all the different vendors. They each have their own specialty and I get to chat with all the funny and quirky  characters. After I finished buying all my goodies, I bought some whole grain bread, some organic noodles for later, and went back home where I had a hungry doggie and hubby waiting for me. We had some fresh cut strawberries on the side just because they looked so incredible! We couldn’t wait. Here’s a picture of all the delicious treats I bought today.

VegetablesThe apples, peppers and eggplants aren’t in the picture but they were just as colorful and delicious as the rest of these beauties. I hope you have a great Saturday and I’ll see you tomorrow for Sunday Best!