Blackboard and brush was created in 2012 to tell you the stories behind all of my creative adventures. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m an English teacher, a blogger and I’m obsessed with the topic of creativity and all that comes with it. For years I have also been an enamel and jewelry artist so you can see why creativity is so important to me. I’m an ESL certified teacher (English as a Second Language) with a CELTA certification from the University of Cambridge, and also a Young Learners certified teacher. In regards to my artistic adventures I’ve been the creator and designer of the Pinkerton jewelry line, the Jewels in the Attic Jewelry line, blogger for ‘From the Bird’s Nest’ and now ‘blackboard and brush’. As an English teacher, I count my lucky stars every time I step into a classroom to share some time with my students. As a jewelry and enamel artist, I walk into my little studio with my brushes and kiln and get transported somewhere else entirely. As a blogger, I get to chat with all of you wonderful dreamers and always hope that I can somehow inspire you to live a happy, different, funny, surprising and exciting creative life, or at least share a few laughs with you every now and then.

I hope you love the new blog!

Although we will soon be adding more serious resumé style info to the sections in the menu bar, for those of you who might not know me, here are some not so serious but ‘oh so true’ facts about me:

  •  I’m a teacher and I absolutely love what I do.
  •  I’m an artist.
  •  I’m a runner.
  •  I’m a knitter.
  • I LOVE animals.
  •  I LOVE to cook.
  •  I LOVE music.
  • If there’s no one in the house, and you happen to look through my window at the right time, you might find me dancing around with our dog in our living room, to the beat of some Beatles tunes.
  • I can watch the same movie hundreds of times. I broke all of my mom’s betamax tapes (and the actual Betamax on two occasions), they collapsed out of sheer exhaustion!
  • I grow veggies in my terrace but I forget to water them sometimes.
  • I love going to the movies and popcorn is a must!
  •  I honestly believe that guacamole should be a food group.
  •  I love people that take chances, have taken the road less traveled and have followed their passions in life.
  •  I have some very weird obsessions in my life: dogs and every single dog video on youtube, bookcases, trees, post-its (honestly, what’s that about?), any kind of stationary or scrapbooking store (even though I never buy anything because I don’t scrapbook!), boots, yarn stores, books and flower shops.
  •  I love icing and the cakes and cupcakes that come with it. The more icing the better! (Red Velvet and cream cheese frosting anyone?!).
  • I love science fiction books, and every other kind of book for that matter.
  • I go to concerts practically every other day. In fact, on the first trip my hubby and I took together we chased Weezer around Florida to see the show again.
  • A piece of my heart lives in the California coastline.
  • A piece of my heart stayed in New York City.
  •  When I was growing up we actually had a dog, a cat, two turtles, a sheep, two ducks and 5 little ducklings. The sheep’s name was Merlin.
  •  I LOVED dressing up when I was a kid and my mom took it very seriously which resulted in so many costumes I can´t even count! The funny thing is they all had wings, a bat for Halloween, a butterfly for Easter, a bird for no reason at all.
  • I dream of visiting these four places before I die: Hawaii, Alaska, Boulder-Colorado and Ireland.
  • My mom was the bravest woman I have ever met (and everyone who met her said the same).
  • I’ve been with my hubby since I was 18, and I love him more and more with every passing day.
  • My dog Nala is my sidekick.
  • I care for, listen to, respect and learn from my students every day, and I never take this beautiful job for granted.
  • I’m still a little kid at heart…

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