Being presentA couple of weeks ago I told you all about my wish for the New Year: being present, enjoying the moment, slowing down (you can read that post here if you missed it). Something I think many of us set aside in the midst of our busy schedules and everyday stress. This week, a chance to put my resolution into action fell from the sky. I´m saying this literally! We got our first snow of the year, and it quickly became one of the most memorable days I´ve spent in Spain so far. Our dog, native to the tropics, who travelled all the way from Venezuela to Spain with us, loves.. and I mean LOVES snow. As soon as she realized that the snowflakes were falling she was glued to the window waiting for them to set. She was having what seemed like an exhiliaraiting freak out moment as soon as she saw the snowflakes getting exponentially bigger. My heart was melting!winter

As soon as there was enough snow on the ground, I bundled up (while still in my PJs I must admit!) and took an overly excited dog to the woods.

What happened when we got there was a wonderful little present. I had taken my camera and so I started taking photos of the snow covered branches, pine cones and of course of this crazy dog that seemed to have transformed into a bunny (or frog). Every year I forget how much she loves this.

the little things in life

winterI was laughing so hard while I was trying to get shots of her jumping up in the air. After I took the ones I´m sharing with you today, I put my camera down and ran around with her. Just looking at her loving every moment and doing these crazy tricks all around me. I was right there. The feeling that came during and after that moment was beyond wonderful. Another reminder that this little resolution (for me) and wish (for you) is ridiculously important. I will tell you this, once you start, you´ll be hooked! Suddenly, putting down the camera/phone/laptop/loop of none stop thinking (or whatever it is that keeps you off the ground you’re standing on) will be as easy as pie. You’ll get back more than you can count, that I can assure you…

new years resolutions



  1. YES!!! I believe the objective is to keep my feet OFF the ground we are standing on. When I reach the antsy feeling of “I don’t belong on this earth.” I then feel I am in the “right” place.
    Yesterday as I hurriedly got in my car to go to work I stopped to notice that though it was rainy and grey it was surprisingly warm. By mid day it was a beautiful blue sky warm day. This morning I awoke to the sound of song bird for the first time in a season. It was only upon hearing them that I realized they had been missing. I whispered to my son snuggled up next to me “the song birds are singing, aren’t they pretty?” and he whispered back “They’re Jesus birds.” 🙂

  2. Hi Marisa! Your keeping your feet off the ground is a lovely way to look at it. We all have our ways of describing that sense of true connection to the present moment. For me it’s the kind of feeling you get when you’re standing barefoot on the grass, which is why I always associate it with being grounded. I hope you keep having moments like the ones you had in the rain and while listening to the birds (and your boy!). I’m sorry to say that the portraits (which are going on my fridge!) were a lucky “stretch of the arm and cross your fingers it comes out right”…and it did! Lucky girl!

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