Fresh movie review

It’s been a while since we went to the movies together. This means I have a big bag full of movie recommendations for you and we’ll get to them in the following weeks. Today however I would like to share a very special documentary with you. I’m talking about the 2009 documentary Fresh. Although I’m always on top of any movies that come out that discuss sustainable eating, farming and the food industry, somehow I had missed this little gem. I encourage all of you to watch this film, it’s as worrying as it is heartwarming. In spite of the strong images and information they gather up in this film, watching the superb efforts of farmers like Will Allen and Joel Salatin is such a heartwarming pleasure! I love to see how kindness still shows up in rare human beings like these two rockin’ farmers.

FreshDVD-FThere are so many other films that I would like you to see. Even some not so pleasant ones that have actually changed the way I eat, buy and live, but if you’re not ready to go there yet, this is a great eye opener that instead of leaving you feeling like there’s absolutely no hope for humanity, fills you up with giddy feelings and the urge to travel and meet the wonderful characters that are making such a huge change in the food industry. If you’re feeling daring, I would then move on to others (which I will also talk about soon) like Food Inc., Forks over Knives, Food Fight and Vegucated.

I’m leaving you the trailer for this wonderful and hopeful film here, please watch it and share! You can find the movie on iTunes and Netflix as well as your local DVD store! Host a screening and help spread the word about sustainable living and eating. Now I need to start saving my pennies to travel to Will’s and Joel’s farms! Meeting them would be a dream! I can’t wait for the day I have a bit more time on my hands to create another little blog I’ve been dreaming of writing, all about food, cooking, kindness to our planet and to ourselves. Maybe some day soon! In the meantime, enjoy this post and the movie! Let me know what you think in the comments below!


3 thoughts on “TO THE MOVIES!

  1. “caretaker of creation” That’s one that stuck out to me. My challenge is the ease & cost. I learned about partially hydrogenated oil a couple of years ago and now that I am aware of the dangers to our bodies I do not purchase ANYTHING containing it. That was the one baby step I took. Perhaps it’s time for another one. Any suggestions. My mindset currently is that I work fulltime so have little time to shop or cook. I have recently been inspired by an old friend, though, & have been cooking at least ONE delectable meal per week for a couple of months. I have been enjoying the planning & research that go into these meals. Then, I have all these boys-to-men with BIG appetites it’s a challenge to fill them up so “discount” is the way I go. Always looking for deals at the large supermarket. There are farmers markets w/localy grown foods here but they always seem so expensive. The friend who enlightened me to the dangers of partially hydrogenated oils only eats FOOD. She looks at every label and if the ingredient list contains ANY non food items, she doesn’t buy it!! but she is gracious–she says it took her many years of baby steps to get to that point.
    Any ideas as to a new baby step I can take?….Anyone?

  2. Thanks for commenting Marisa! Great step on eliminated the hydrogenated oils! Your friend’s suggestion is wonderful! Michael Pollan, a wonderful author and activist (who also appears in the film) says that this emphasis on FOOD is the way to go. His book “Food Rules” also has wonderful one-page steps you can choose from and start doing. Perfect for your baby steps! One magnificent baby step that is going on all around the world is the wonderful “Meatless Mondays”, which is one day or even just one meal without any animal products. It doesn’t have to be on Mondays of course! This does wonders for the planet, the animals and your health. I do it much more than just one day, but even tiny steps count! Any other ideas anyone? How about making a compost bin in your garden and planting some veggies? There are so many things we can do! Thanks for always being a part of this blog Marisa! I always love your comments!

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