It’s been a while since we’ve sat together near the red bookcase. In fact, since we moved the blog over to blackboard and brush it’s possible that you’ve never heard of my beloved red bookcase. For those of you that are new, the red bookcase is the place in the blog where I share what I’m reading and any book recommendations I might have for you. It’s also a place where you can recommend great reads through the comments! The original red bookcase belonged to my best friend and uncle Aly Sujo. It was an incredible wall to wall bookcase that had hundreds of books arranged by color. The bookcase was white with red interiors and was my favorite part of his house second only to the kitchen table where we would have breakfast and chat or sit quietly looking outside. When I moved to Spain and found a red bookcase of my own, I decided that red and read (remember how to pronounce this in the past students?) were a match made in heaven and gave that name to this blog series.

You know me…I’m hardly ever reading just one book. In fact, I almost lost my iphone last night after a book tower topple incident on my night stand (the iphone was the cherry on the falling cake so to speak). Right now I’m reading the superbly written Harper Lee classic To Kill a Mockingbird (thanks Rafa for the loan!) and Alexandre Dumas The Count of Montecristo (thanks Elena for the loan!). I’ve also just finished WM Paul Young’s book The Shack which will have a whole post on its own very soon. So far all three books are highly recommended. Right now I’m particularly mesmerized by Ms. Lee’s writing, what a witty, endearing and heartbreaking book. I hope I can take it all the way through to the end because I know it’s a tough one! What are you reading right now? Care to share it in the comments?

As a special final treat and with a special shout out to our reader Verena who found this little gem, here’s my new second favorite bookcase ever!


5 thoughts on “THE RED BOOKCASE

  1. The “red book case” is contagious, I see. The original, of course, was bequeathed to Aly’s wife & daughter and remains color coded….in NY. I live in CA and have tried to do that in my own home because it was such a unique idea. Though I like catagorizing my books so very often I am, in fact, looking for a spine because I KNOW what color it is…ha ha

  2. So…have you finished The Shack? There was one particular scene that transformed the way I look at the world…completely transformed.

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