sunset at the santa monica pierHappy 2013 everyone! I can’t believe how fast time is moving along. I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and that you’re prepared and full of energy for the new year. This feeling of time going by incredibly fast is something that I’ve been thinking about lately. I’m sure I’m not the only one that sometimes feels time is passing at warp speed and this often makes me wonder if I’m listening closely and feeling deeply while enjoying the ride. Perhaps it’s my return to yoga that has brought me closer to thinking these things, or perhaps my pursuit of yoga was a result of feeling I wasn’t always as present as I wanted to be. Either way, my wish for all of us in this new year that is starting is that we are able to be present, that for several moments a day we can forget about our endless lists and errands, and focus on the moment. The wise Bob Marley said it best when he shared with us his wonderful line in Redemption song “emancipate yourselves from mental slavery”. Not that thinking is bad at all, but overthinking takes us out of enjoying what is happening around us. I know that when I started to become more aware hundreds of wonderful things started changing and happening around me. Connecting yourself to your surroundings opens your heart to helping and understanding others, something that we need a lot of in these crazy times we live in.

One thing you probably know about me by now is that I love traditions. My friends laugh when I keep asking about their family’s traditions and which ones they continue to put into practice. For some reason, the carrying on of traditions is very important to me and I’m constantly stealing things I love from other people or other cultures. One tradition I’ve fallen in love with recently is the Ayurvedic tradition of Sadhanas. Sadhana is a word in Sanskrit that is used to talk about a means to accomplish something, and although it’s usually used in a spiritual sense, many followers of Ayurvedic tradition use it when talking about practices as simple as roasting spices or cooking and is seen as a meditative activity that connects you to your spiritual side. For me, it’s a very powerful and simple act that takes me right where I want to be, exactly in the present moment. Whether you’re spiritual or not, these small meditative actions can start to spark little creative fires and wonderful feelings inside of you. After reading about this, I suddenly put two and two together and remembered the wise words of my mother: “when you have a problem, have worries on your mind or feel stressed…make a loaf of bread”. People that grew up in farms probably did Sadhanas every morning while they milked the cows and fed the horses. They also probably started their day with a clearer mind and an open heart. Of course the idea is not to drown these activities with noises, TV or distractions. If you were one of the farmers, it’s all about you, the horses and the sound of the birds in the background.

So as a welcome to 2013 I hope that we can all be more present and live every second to the fullest, there’s no need to write about all the fringe benefits this will have because they will quickly start falling into place for you, trust me! I hope you have a year full of creativity and surprising beautiful moments. I leave you with one of my special places to just sit and be present, the Santa Monica Pier in California at sunset. Happy 2013!


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