ChristmasFor some very strange reason, my students (especially the young ones) seem to be extremely curious about what my life is like. They are constantly asking me about my hobbies, my favorite bands, how old I am (this little guessing game gets hilarious with the young ones), what my husband is like, whether he plays play station games or football. My life is pretty simple nowadays which is what I’ve worked my entire life to finally be able to have, but to my students, these little bits of information are like little special treats. Perhaps it’s because we spend the entire class talking about what they’ve been doing, what their favorite movies are, the sports they play, and they love turning these back at me. The idea is to get them talking as much as possible, so I’m the least important person in the room while I’m teaching. However, it is slightly unfair that I get to ask all the questions and get all the scoop. So for my dear students who are always reading the blog (thanks! you guys rock!) and to any others that might be stopping by, here’s what my day looked like today.

At around 7 I made breakfast for my doggie and hubby and we all sat down to eat together (doggie on the floor but still…). A couple of hours of lesson planning followed, and then an early morning yoga class in what seemed to be the coldest day out ever! Then I ran some errands and continued with my lesson planning, and then after still having some of my yoga buzz left over I went into the kitchen to make a yummy vegetarian lunch. Roasted sweet potatoes, quinoa with almonds and goyi berries and my favorite ginger carrot sauce on the side, not to mention my new favorite side dish zucchini and leek “pasta-less pasta” with a rich tomato sauce. Amazing is all I have to say! Not because of any particular cooking skill of mine but because of the incredible and delicious food nature gives us! Then I had an afternoon of teaching, drove back home listening the the great Gary Jules and had dinner with hubby and doggie again. We’re about to curl up on the couch for some tv time, one of my favorite parts of the day!

Hope you had a great one too! Be sure to tell us about it in the comments!

PS: Another typical question is what our home is like, and whether I’ve put up my Christmas tree yet, so that’s what the photo above is about. Nala decided to model it for you. What do you think?!


2 thoughts on “A DAY IN THE LIFE

  1. In this crazy world we live in, you take me back to the good ol’ times, Kim. Your students are very lucky to have you, and just the way you write, the things you say, the person you are, will give them something for the future, something that can not be bought: wonderful memories. I love the tree and the gift under it. I love Nala. I love the ball. I love the guitars. I love the warmth of your house. By the way, is that your mother’s Christmas tree skirt? It looks familiar 😀

  2. Corinna! Your kind and sweet words made me so happy! I wish and hope I can somehow impact the lives of my students if only a little bit, especially those that need someone close to hear them and understand them. Thank you for your wonderful words! The guitars were the first gift I ever gave my husband, I bought them in a little street in London the first time we were apart because of a trip I had to take. That was over 12 years ago! The opposite wall has the real life version 😉 Thank you for the lovely comments! That isn’t my mother’s Christmas Tree skirt but I tried to find a very similar one. Nala and our other dog Cindy who passed away a few years ago ripped it to shreds rolling around in it! This one is still in one piece, although she did eat the reindeer’s nose the minute I bought it :). Boy do you have a good memory!

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