Dear CEPI class of Oct-Nov 2012! Today was our last class! Congratulations!

I was so happy to have you in my class. Thank you so much for your hard work these last few weeks, you did a great job! It was a real pleasure having a group as friendly and as dedicated as you were. I can’t wait to see some of you in January (remember to review for the entry test!) and to continue helping you improve your English!

I have a surprise for you! Our dear Javier from the CEPI center told me that our class in January for Level 2 will be for 2 months instead of 1! He told me after you had left today. Now we will have even more classes to continue our English studies. Thank you so much and I send a big hug to: Sofía, Juan Manuel, Rosa, Rosario, Carmen, Letizia, Gustavo, Ricardo, Olga, Luz, Olinda, and Juan! I’ll see you soon and good luck with your other CEPI classes! Do you recognize the photo above? It´s our friend Bichin when he joined us during our first class together!

Big hug,

Your teacher,


En español:

Querida clase CEPI Oct-Nov 2012! Hoy fue nuestra última clase! Enhorabuena!

Estuve muy feliz de tenerlos en mi clase. Muchísimas gracias por todo su fuerte trabajo estas últimas semanas, lo han hecho genial! Fue un gran placer para mi tener un grupo tan amigable y dedicado como el de ustedes. Ya quiero verlos de nuevo en Enero (no olviden repasar para la prueba de entrada!) para continuar ayudándolos a mejorar su nivel de Inglés. Les tengo una sorpresa! Nuestro querido Javier del CEPI nos ha dejado dar el nivel 2 en Enero por dos meses en lugar de uno! Me lo dijo después de que ya todos se habían ido hoy. Así que ahora tendremos aún más clases para nuestros estudios de Inglés. Muchas gracias y un gran abrazo para: Sofía, Juan Manuel, Rosa, Rosario, Carmen, Letizia, Gustavo, Ricardo, Olga, Luz, Olinda, y Juan! Nos vemos pronto y buena suerte con sus otros cursos en el CEPI! Reconocen la foto de arriba? Es nuestro amigo Bichin, cuando nos acompañó en nuestra primera clase juntos!

Un fuerte abrazo,

Your teacher,



Here are the answers to your final homework:

1D a)

Singular    /     Plural

1- a bag  / bags

2- a country / countries

3- an identity card / identity cards

4-a watch / watches

5- an e-mail / emails

6- a sandwich / sandwiches

7- a key / keys

8- an umbrella / umbrellas

b) (1) this  (2) these   (3) that   (4) those



be braveI was watching a very silly movie the other night about butter carvers in small town America. A funny and silly satire about a town that is famous for its butter sculptures. This post isn’t about the movie, but it is about something that occurred to me while I watched it. In the film a father tries to give his daughter a little courage boost after she is scared over something she has to do. You know what I’m talking about, those moments we all have where we feel we need someone to push us through the door of that job interview, or a difficult phone call. Those moments in which our feet just won’t budge and we’re  super glued to our chair? Well, in the movie, this character tells his little girl “What’s the worst thing that could happen?”. He doesn’t stop there though, he moves on to list a bunch of incredibly crazy scenarios, and his daughter then joins in with some crazy ideas of her own. Imagine having a job interview, being scared stiff, and suddenly imagining these unlikely and mostly impossible situations in your head, 5 minutes before heading in:

– You walk through the door and there’s a miniature hurricane.

– You walk through the door and there’s an angry mob of people with torches and pitchforks.

– You walk through the door and get robbed.

– You walk through the door and your entire family is watching you answer your future boss’ questions.

– You walk through the door and all your third grade bullies are there waiting.

– You walk through the door and get the sudden urge to take your clothes off (after which you’ll never get the job).

– You walk through the door and your future boss is your bitter ex-girlfriend or boyfriend seeking revenge.

Now start getting creative:

– You walk through the door and there’s a giant paper shredder that has destroyed your resume (and your tie).

– You walk through the door and are greeted by little green men asking you to board their mother ship.

– You walk through the door and realize you have to speak to 50 telemarketers before you get to the actual interview.

– You walk through the door and the zombie cast from the Walking Dead is happily waiting for you.

Now imagine my favorites from the movie:

– You walk through the door and there’s a zero gravity environment and your head hits the roof leaving you incapacitated.

– You walk through the door and there’s a Justin Bieber concert.

I can assure you one thing, if you spend 5 minutes in this imaginary crazy world of possibilities of what might go wrong, the actual fears will get right into perspective for you and soon you’ll be laughing and realizing that the worst case scenario isn’t really the worst case scenario after all. No matter how brave we all are, we all have these knee trembling moments every now and then, and to me this is a true antidote that will get us past the threshold.

Today’s photo is of my favorite part of the Christmas season: Twinkle lights. Christmas came early last night as we were decorating our tree (photos coming soon). I bought these a couple of days ago because they looked like the beautiful glass lights I had growing up  as opposed to today’s very artificial led lights. They were big, round and red, perfect for Christmas.


Pile of leaves

Happy Sunday everyone! I was missing the warm weather of the Caribbean this week but then I took my dog to the park and remembered why this is my favorite season! I sat down in the stone steps at the park while Nala played in a pile of leaves and watched the leaves falling quietly. Now I remember the beauty of living in a city that has four seasons. I do have to say though that falling back into a routine after days of sun and swimming in the ocean is not as easy as I thought it would be! The jet lag which I thought I had escaped this time around finally caught up with me.

Autumn in Spain

Anyway, it’s that time of the week again, here are my favorites:

A wonderful teaching site with great creative ideas The Classroom Collective has provided me with some very original ideas for lessons.

For photographers, travelling enthusiasts and lovers of beautiful images from around the world, Best Travel Photos is like a little feast for the eyes. It makes you want to go fishing for your passport and bags asap!

For foodies, cooks and wannabe chefs, I’m absolutely loving Eat Live Run. I can’t wait to try their hummus toasts with avocado and roasted tomatoes. They have wonderful veggie packed recipes and beautiful photography.

Last but not least, I found Carrots n’ Cake when I was looking for a recipe, and it turns out the creator of this blog has us covered with everything from food, travel, home decor, to fitness and well being. Take a stroll through her multiple pages and find what might be up your alley. I can’t wait to spend some time in her recipe section and especially to make her edamame guacamole!

That’s about it for this edition of Sunday Best, they’re showing Deathproof on tv so I’m about to curl up on the couch with hubby  and doggie and watch it yet again. Have a great Sunday everyone!


Weezer said it best, “on an island in the sun we’ll be playing and having fun”. That’s precisely where and what I was doing during my days of absence in the blog. Yes, for a whole week I was in the beautiful Dominican Republic for a much needed vacation. However, this wasn’t the main reason for our trip. I was going to the wedding of two of my dearest and closest friends who made the awesome decision of getting married in a tropical island paradise and giving everyone an amazing week in the process.

I have the very strange habit of waking up really early when I’m on vacation. I try and I try but my internal alarm clock usually goes off before 6 am. This time however I made lemonade out of lemons and while everyone was asleep I went for a run on the beach and watched the sunrise. The top photo is of the first sunrise and my first glimpse of the beach during our holiday. I felt so free running next to the ocean while I listened to some music and felt the waves splashing on the shore. This was one of the highlights of my week, next to some precious time with my hubby and our friends and family, not to mention the incredible and emotional wedding. One of the most wonderful events I’ve ever been to. The photo below says it all right? It was a magical day, an incredible ceremony at sunset and an amazing party at the beach. It was so wonderful and emotional for me. Same goes for my hubby,  you can see him smiling in the background in the photo below after completing his best man duties.

Did I mention the fantastic food and how kind and wonderful the Dominican people are? Top this with warm weather all day long and a beautiful warm blue ocean… if you hadn’t noticed already, I was in heaven. Of course I brought some photos and stories to share with you so enjoy some today with lots more to come. Thanks to my dear students for giving me the week off to go running on the shore and spend an unbelievably special day with friends! And thanks to two very special friends who are starting their life together for giving us these incredible memories. It couldn’t have been better!

Enjoy the slideshow below!

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bat hanging bat costumeHappy Halloween everyone! This post was supposed to go up last night but I finished teaching at 11 pm (yes, you heard me), so here it is today, after the sugar rush has done its thing and the costumes are in the hamper. That’s me in the picture above when I was about 5 years old wearing my favorite Halloween costume which I wore for years and years. My mother made it for me in her little sewing machine and altered it for years so that it would continue to fit me. I would then proceed to hang upside down in every kind of bar or handle that would allow me to do so. Halloween was serious business in the Sujo house, we were what I always called a couple of “Halloween-ies”. My mother and I would decorate the entire house and she would throw her annual and extremely famous neighbourhood Halloween party for all the kids. We all went nutty, had these extremely creative Halloween themed food, bloody red Kool Aid (this was back in the day when Kool Aid was allowed), went trick or treating, had costume cat walks and had a visit from “The Witch”. Halfway through the party, my mother who would always wear her everyday clothes, would leave for a moment and then “The Witch” would arrive (my mother in disguise). Her costume was so incredible, that we were all completely convinced it was an actual witch. Not only that, but she would call all of the parents beforehand asking about what had been going on in their kids’ lives, and at the party she would give each of us a Tarot card reading telling us exactly what was going on with each of us. You can imagine all the teeny tiny jaw dropping that went on.

Every year I think of these magical parties and time with friends and I get extremely excited around Halloween. I especially remember hanging the giant cobwebs and spiders that would fall on people at different moments in the party. I missed it this year because I was teaching, but my hubby and I did go out for a midnight burger at a local diner last night and were served by bloody chefs, scary ghosts and crazy skeletons, and we had a giant cob web hanging right on top of our table. So I got my Halloween fix in the end. Hope you had a great one!