children´s drawings


It’s a cloudy and rainy day here in Madrid. I’m sitting down to write my student’s progress reports for this week and I’m listening to The Decemberists (a must on rainy days). I love the changing of the seasons and days like these. They seem to make me want to work in the studio or plan some really creative lessons, brainstorm ideas, etc. Change seems to be in the air today since this morning I jumped in the car and went to get my long locks chopped off. It felt like time for a change (I’ll post a photo soon) and it was so exciting!

While I’m taking a break from work to write this post, let me leave you with one of my favorite things to look at: children’s drawings. A few weeks ago a baby Walrus named Mitik was rescued in Alaska and taken to the New York aquarium where they are taking care of it. The New York Times has been covering the rescue and asked children across America to send drawings of this huge adventure this tiny walrus was on. Here’s the selection of drawings, including the one closest to my heart since it was done by my super creative 8 year old cousin Sophie. It’s her rendition of Mitik the walrus on his trainer’s lap after a day of cuddles and play. Take a look at the drawings that made the New York Times’ cut and get an amazing glimpse into the minds and hearts of these little kids. I’ve always felt that drawings and games are the biggest windows into the lives of children and you’ll definitely get a sense of who these kids are by looking at their drawings here. Sophie’s heart drawing is just like hers is in real life, big, pink, creative, caring and sweet all rolled into one. I hope you like them! They certainly made me smile today.


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