Shops in Madrid SpainHi everyone! A long weekend plus an important errand on Monday and several days of being sick kind of threw me off the teaching/bloggging arena for a few days. After some much needed rest I’m finally back to show you some photos I’ve been taking with my phone and which I just realized have one thing in common: pop up books. The photos aren’t exactly of books so lets call them pop up moments. Remember those wonderful children’s books that had a new surprise in every page and it seemed to jump at you and fill you with giddy laughter as a kid? It turns out that Spain is full of those moments if you pay attention.  I seem to be obsessed with the image of something unexpected popping up as if out of nowhere. Madrid and many other Spanish cities are filled with these beautiful sights since the old seems to be fighting with the new for central stage, and the small streets usually have a hidden agenda if you look close enough. I wasn’t doing this intentionally, but today while I was browsing through my photos I noticed a pattern. Take a look…

Here’s a beautiful park in San Lorenzo del Escorial where we went to last week for the day, and its “pop up book” cathedral.

San Lorenzo del Escorial

Two blocks away behind a huge wall you think has nothing beyond it, you walk through a very tiny alley and find this little beauty below as you look to your left.

Fall trees in Spain

In the same town, right behind the famous El Escorial Monastery lies this beautiful mountain that seems to be leaning in to take a peek. I had always stood there looking straight at the incredible building but this time I found myself wondering what life in the houses on the hill was like.El EscorialAfter years of searching for the famous prince gardens in Madrid, I found them when I wasn’t looking. The garden was a lot smaller than I thought, but beyond the beautiful and really old trees was the sight of the roofs that peeked through. It was incredible to see that terracotta orange behind those bright greens and you know how I’m obsessed with contrasts right? The photo doesn’t do it justice because there was so much light there that day, but you get the idea…Prince garden in Madrid

Below you’ll find my second obsession in photography, tunnels and bridges and alleys oh my! The quintessential pop up moment, the first peak at what lies behind the passing of a bridge. Another view of El Escorial featuring my hubby and our friend Daniel strolling the stone path.

Let’s not forget the little surprise I got a few weeks ago as I turned a corner and saw the beautiful floating stationary in a shop in the center of town (top photo).

I’m still obsessed with pop up books and can’t help myself whenever I’m in a bookstore, but if you look closely, you’ll start seeing little surprises catching your eye. I’m going to start collecting some of these and maybe it will make me even more aware of those contrasts I love.


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