autumn changeMany of you probably read my last post about election day and then saw no posts for several days. This happened to me and many friends and fellow bloggers. I think we were just so busy reading about the elections online and getting back up, that we weren’t sure what to say or how to continue with a normal post after that day. That was true for me at least, that is until yesterday. Yesterday was Thursday, and on this day I go to the CEPI center where I’m a volunteer English teacher (you might remember my post called “A Special Anniversary”). We started a new course yesterday which meant a bunch of new students. To say they are lovely and motivated is a complete understatement! They are one of the best groups I’ve had at the center so far. Not because of their level of English but because of how much they participate and how much they want to learn. A funny thing happened, Carmen, one of my new students approached me before class and said she was terribly sorry but she needed to ask me something before coming inside. As soon as I looked at her I saw this little furry white head pop out of her bag. Her dog had just had surgery and she couldn’t leave him alone but she didn’t want to miss her English class.She asked me if “Bichin” (which roughly translated means ‘little critter’) could possibly join us for the class. I’m sure she had no idea that she was asking the perfect person for that favor, and a few seconds later they were both sitting in a desk next to her classmates.

There I was, teaching 11 and a half students, and my heart was slowly recovering and warming up. My new group has students from Peru, Colombia, Argentina, Honduras and Spain to name a few, and we all made a very special bond yesterday. Perhaps it was the doggie in the room that made everything so relaxed and special, or maybe it was just one of those lucky days. It was one of the most special classes I have ever taught and my students felt so at ease they stayed during their break chatting with me about their previous learning experiences and how lost they’ve felt in classes in which the teachers rush through the class and leave them frowning. This is something for a different post because I think it’s very important, but for now, the point is that in that classroom I remembered that everything goes on and that I’m so blessed to have a job where I get to share my time with people. Last night I taught another group of new students and again left smiling realizing the beauty of English teaching. You teach a language by talking about life and interests, movies and hobbies, politics and new discoveries, world news and personal experiences. This is probably one of the few subjects in which your students share this much of their lives and their opinions with you and you with them. When I was driving back home after a long day of teaching blasting The Decemberists on my stereo, I was smiling.

In regards to the election process, I wish everyone that felt really down that day a fast recovery and especially to all my friends and family that are still in Venezuela. You can always count on my vote no matter how many times we feel it makes no difference. A lot is being said about the election process, all I know for sure is that I will vote, EVERY SINGLE time as I have before. It’s just what my mamma taught me.

The photo above is of my first spotting of the changing of the leaves and I also leave you with “Bichín”, my first canine English student. Hope he puts a smile on your face as he did on mine.doggie


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