La Central CallaoWe’re six days into October and the season is already showing its little surprises. Three little pumpkins are beginning to grow in my little terrace veggie patch. If you can’t see them yet, they are those three little pear like bulbs right below the flowers (photo below). I always love the changing of the seasons and the little chills that come with fall. Not to mention the colors! It’s my favorite season to design for, when I’m spending some time in the studio. This week was all about lesson planning and teaching, but today I got to explore the city with my friend Carla and it was a treat to check out the new “La Central” bookstore right in the center of town. The bookstore is amazing, three floors of very unique books, a little bistro, a wonderful children’s section and an amazing quirky shop where you can spend hours (and all your money!) looking at all the crazy grown up toys. It was packed today and everyone seemed to be having an amazing time looking around. I was in love with two things but bought only one, an amazing appointment book that apparently won in 2011 for best design. It’s simplicity, light weight and practicality won me over as soon as my friend showed it to me. The second thing, for which I decided this afternoon I’m going to go back for, was a shadow puppet theatre. Yes, you heard me, late nights under the covers making crocodiles and jumping bunnies anyone? The theater came with a white sheet with illustrations of a beautiful stage and audience, and little boxes were sold with the actual puppets on wooden sticks. I think it will be great for my students to put on some great performances and make up their own story lines. On top of that, it’s something that I’ve never ever seen before and my young students are always the first to notice when something is unique and special. I see an extra trip to “La Central” in my immediate future.La Central

La Central bookstoreThe building was spectacular. Large wooden staircases made out of those really thick New York style panels. and the amazing murals of what apparently used to be a church. All surrounded by books, puppets, toys and Madrileños. I was in heaven.

Behold my three little pumpkins! I’ll see you tomorrow for our Sunday Best!

October and pumpkins


One thought on “OCTOBER

  1. My 4 yr old & I do shadow puppets on the ceiling several nights per week. Definately SHARE your shadows with me. I’m limited to dog & bunny at the moment…which suffices for 4 but worried he will bore soon! jaja

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