Wedding carHi everyone. It´s been a super busy work week for me and I managed to round it off with the wedding of a very close friend of mine last night, where we also got to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary! All that celebrating came just in time before I prepare for a very intense week with my Young Learners teacher certification coming up! I´m very excited because you know how much I love teaching kids and this is where all my creativity comes out at top speed. I can’t wait to see my fellow teachers who have been away on holiday and get down to business working on creating amazing lessons for the kids. In the meantime, I still have today to share my Sunday Best with you. I hope you like my selection for this week!

I don’t know about you but I’m a serious packaging and gift wrapping addict! When I found Older and Wisor, I couldn’t have enough of candy canes on top of kraft paper, lollipops as hanging cherries, ribbons and cards, and I’m sure you will love this blog as much as I do.

Any knitters in the crowd? I love the great ideas and colors behind Purl Bee. If you’re looking for your next great project you might find it here.

Design fans and employees/design job hunters, here’s a post about creating eye popping design resumes with crazy creative photos and ideas at Ned Hardy. Ned Hardy is a website filled with amazing links to everything from Design, to food, to architecture, to photography, and anything else you can think of. Pinterest fans looking for the next big pin, this site is like a teeny tiny party in your computer screen. I love their movie posters re-imagined and and of course all of their design and packaging posts.

For anything (and everything) related to the fashion world, you have to take a look at Gossip Dress! We’re going to talk more about these fashion experts very soon because they have a very exciting new Social Network in the works, but until it’s launched to the public, you can read their beautiful colorful posts filled with incredible photography, and where you’ll read the latest news of what’s coming up in fashion before you read it anywhere else! I love their posts on new beauty products and on new designer collections. Truly inspiring with tons of great photos.

Finally, you know I wouldn’t leave you without some yummies! Here’s a treat to the eyes and tastebuds, with the mouthwatering creations of Stasty. I love their ricotta and tomato tarts and all their vegetarian dishes, simply delicious, especially their very creative salad combinations!

I’ll see you again soon, and in the meantime I leave you with the start of last night’s wedding, the bride arriving in this beautiful antique car. I just loved the contrast of the rising hill, the black car and the brick of the church. What about that afternoon light! Have a great Sunday everyone.


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