sunday best blogThis week we have a very special edition of our Sunday Best series! The inspiration behind this edition is my amazing experience with young learners and all those  friendships I’ve made with the little ones I’ve met over the years. Anyone who has taught children can tell you how they are wise beyond their years and what an incredibly creative experience it is to work with them. I’ve always loved working with children and always stare at them in awe, wondering why we lose so many of those creative and courageous qualities as we get older. So in the spirit of these wonderful little learners and achievers, I give you our “Listen to the Kids” edition of Sunday Best.

For foodies, cooks and aspiring chefs, here’s the culinary 14 year old expert behind A High School Foodie, if you thought kids had a limited palette and only made a mess in the kitchen think again, and try his sweet potato fries with blue cheese dressing while you’re visiting!

It’s time for some TED! Don’t miss 12 year old Adora Svitak and her TED talk (yes! you heard me) titled “What adults can learn from kids”. Adora is a children’s author who tours the US giving talks advocating for literacy and giving us a wonderful glimpse into the minds of children. Astounding, brilliant and funny, you have to listen to the wise words of this little girl.

You know I couldn’t leave you without getting a little bit musical. Here’s a jaw dropping video of a 14 year old girl improvising on the piano and talking about my second favorite topic, her creative process and how she composes. Wait… is that Goldie Hawn in minute 17? Please don’t miss talented Jennifer Lin improvising on the piano at TED.

These are just three examples of where a child’s mind wanders and the great places listening to them can take us. Here’s an idea,why don’t we all listen to the wise words of Adora and really listen to our children? In my experience the answer to this question is a big WE HAVE TO START NOW! Don’t be surprised if in a matter of minutes you’re learning more from them than they are from you.

Do you have some beautiful words of wisdom your children or students might have shared with you? Could you share them with us in the comments below?


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