Coldplay bandSummer is almost gone here in Spain and the warm weather left early this year. For me this summer was all about hanging out in the terrace, having some delicious outdoor barbecues, spending time with family and friends, working A LOT, and of course that magical time of year of music and festivals. I got to see some of the most amazing bands this summer and have tons of photos to share with you now that it’s coming to an end. Thank God for indoor theaters and stages or I would have to wait another year for one of my favorite ways to spend my free time.

Here’s the incredible Coldplay, ok, I’m cheating a bit here because it wasn’t summer quite yet, but I just had to share some photos of the crazy amazing stage and their beautiful ‘twinkle lights in the audience’ display.Coldplay MadridColdplay Madrid

The Smashing Pumpkins gave us an incredible show at a very small venue (don’t you just love when that little bit of magic happens?). The Smashing Pumpkins concert in Madrid 2012

Then we had a bit of Rock in Rio with Incubus and the amazing Red Hot Chilli Peppers. My favorite photo from that day was not of the bands on stage but of this little ‘cutie pie rocker in training’. Her dad was explaining and telling her stories about Incubus, and she listened carefully and then suddenly stood up and started dancing in pure rocker fashion. Incubus and Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Then came the absolute highlight of the summer, the BBK Live Festival in Bilbao, Spain which we have loved more and more each year, and that gave us the gift of being able to finally see Radiohead live. Probably one of the best concerts I’ll ever get to see, and one I hope I can see again some day. Pure genius is what that band is. As usual, almost all of their classic tunes were nowhere to be found and still I couldn’t have had a better time! On top of that one of my favorite bands Mumford & Sons opened up for them and it was incredible. Talk about a crazy creative and jaw dropping day for me! The Mexican band Zoe also rocked the stage that day.Mumford & Sons

Radiohead at the BBK in Spain The photos aren’t that great, I know. I’ve gotten into the habit of leaving my camera at home because if I don’t, I’m tempted to take every single shot possible and I end up missing the actual reason why I’m there in the first place! I had to iphone a couple just to share them with you.

Words to the wise, never fall asleep at the BBK or this might happen to you. BBK music festival in Spainat the Radiohead and Mumford & Sons concert at the BBK live festivalOn the plus side, a crazy girl came running up to him during his nap and kissed him right on the lips and ran off. I couldn’t get my camera out in time and he of course did not remember a thing. Ah! the mystery kisser at BBK Live.

Almost as soon as we came back from Bilbao we got a taste of some mean drumming with Travis Barker and Blink 182. I was not at all prepared for such a powerhouse of a show. Incredible!

Blink 182 show in Madrid 2012

Last but not least, you know what’s coming, the incredible genius that is Jack White and his superb band. How a concert can go from nutty elbow piano playing to totally synched crazy rock genius in less than a second is just beyond me. Jack White is one of my creative idols after seeing him talk about his creative process in the documentary “It Might Get Loud”, which I highly recommend if you’re a fan of his music.Jack White

That’s it for my very short summary of my jam in this summer’s music festivals and shows. Most of them were simply indescribable so you must buy tickets next time they’re in your hometown and experience what live music can do to you. As you know and have read many times before, music is another family member in my household, that’s simply the only way to put it. Next in the agenda…and I can’t believe it (the little miss sunshine-butterfly cutie pie you saw above is a clue), Blind Melon! Sure, we’re sadly one person short, but to hear those amazing tunes that crushed my heart as a teen.. boy oh boy! I’ll keep you posted!


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