Madrid buildingsYou´re probably waiting to hear all about last night’s concert, and I promise you will this week in our super anticipated post about summer and festivals. I would write it today but it’s time for our Sunday Best!

I’m so excited to have found the website I’m about to recommend. Usually it takes me a while to follow a blog and become a frequent reader, let alone subscribe via rss AND via email. Well, it only took a few minutes in this blog to make me realize that I had to join, follow and share. Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, nannies and of course fellow teachers, you simply cannot miss A Magical Childhood. From bathtub crayon recipes, to colored ice cubes in the kiddie pool, to camping in the living room, this website will have you browsing for hours and taking copious notes! I felt I was time travelling back to the 80s, remembering all that magic I had in my own childhood. You know this blog is all about injecting creativity in everything that we do, and A Magical Childhood was like a little early Christmas present for me! Don’t miss it, their photos are wonderful as well.

All of my students (including the grown up ones!) know that in our first lesson I grill them about their interests, hobbies and experiences. This is where the magic starts in lesson planning, since I design their lesson especially for them. I currently have a very enthusiastic astronomy buff and a hopeful painter to name a couple, so lessons might include news stories about NASA, and a virtual tour of a museum to explain directions and make descriptions. If you have students or kids that are very interested in science, inventions and experiments, you cannot miss Steve Spangler Science, with tons of free ideas and experiments like my favorite seven layer density column, and many products you can purchase to keep the little ones entertained for hours.

For interior and graphic design fans, not to mention the photographer in you, I love Stuff and Nonsense. With everything from beautiful photos of unique spaces to typography and design in advertising, the Mad Men wannabe in you will go nutty. Jewelry designers might love this one for a bit of brainstorming and sketching with lines and structure. It’s a little treat to the eyes.

I leave you with a photo of this beautiful building I saw in Madrid this week. It was the only lit up building in the block and it just popped out at me. Now it’s impossible for me not to notice it when I walk down that street. It’s beautiful isn’t it?

Once again, note that I’m not affiliated with these sites or blogs in any way. I’m simply a REALLY BIG FAN and want to share them with all of my readers. Enjoy and let me know what you think in the comments!


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