jewelry makingFinally I have a few  hours to sit down in the studio and get some work done for the new collections. Even though I’ve been busy busy planning lessons and getting creative in the classroom, ideas for designs have never left my mind, especially with fall approaching, my absolute favorite season when it comes to color and design. One auto-reminder, I need to get a new sketchbook to take with me wherever I go for those flashes of inspiration that seem to leave as fast as they arrive. Another auto-reminder, never be scared of what my hands will be ready to do after weeks of being away from my jeweler’s saw, the body has a memory of its own thank God!

I have big plans for the new collections but so little time! Still, I’m starting with what usually gets me working, simply getting my hands dirty and getting the ball rolling. Anticipation seems to be the biggest delay mechanism there is! Since I haven’t told you anything about the new designs, here are some clues: burgundy, mustard, gray, splat, borealis, earthy, bristles, triangles, crop circles, merging, ombre, opaque, pastels. Some are colors, some are collections, some are names for designs, some are textures, some are techniques. I hope I can wrap it up together nicely and have some new designs in the shop really soon. Ahhh… my life with two jobs.

Here’s a bit of crazy brainstorming in the wall and some borealis designs in the making (top photo).  It’s an exciting day for me because tonight we’ll be seeing Jack White in concert, and to me he is one of the most creative, talented artists out there. Completely dedicated to his craft and willing to take chances and live through his music. You will get to read all the ins and outs of what it was like of course. Have a great Saturday everyone! Hope you’re getting your creative groove on just as it should be!

studio wall


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