sketching in MadridA couple of nights ago I was taking a stroll through Plaza Santa Ana to meet up with some friends and saw this man sketching in the middle of the square. His work was beautiful and it was kind of hard to keep your eyes away from him and how it seemed he was completely isolated from the people around him, just sketching away. He is The Lost Photographer and walks the streets of Spain, goes on pilgrimages to earn money for charities, and earns a living by making beautiful sketches of Spanish cities, while entertaining passers by, who like me, can’t seem to look away.

street artHe has a blog where he writes about his experiences, the people he meets, the struggles of working as a street artist, the encounters with the police (like the one he apparently had on this day possibly minutes after I took these photographs!), and where he often posts links for people to purchase his drawings. I found his latest post about the police harassing him so sad. I was there on that day and all he did was sit there and sketch quietly, while all of us sat close by to watch him work. It is precisely moments like these that make me love Madrid  and I couldn’t wait to get home and write this post and share his blog and stories with you. I have to tell you that my favorite thing was the way he drew the people in the square, in constant movement, which is exactly what you feel when you stand still in Plaza Santa Ana, people passing you by, children playing, and a strange erie feeling of time standing still around this lost photographer.

I bet you want to see what he was sketching and of course I took a photo, so enjoy the West view of the square, and don’t miss The Lost Photographer’s Blog and meet this street artist from Birmingham, England. A man who has lived and worked in London, New York City and Berlin, transitioning from life in the advertising and marketing world to coloring the streets of Spain with his kraft paper and beautiful drawings.

Madrid Spain



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