PinxtosIs it the fact that I’m doing these weekly posts or are the weeks flying by for everyone else too? The summer seems to be flying by without any warning, and in no time I’ll be hauling our winter clothes back up from the basement. It’s still summer though, so I guess we need to enjoy it as much as we can! In this week’s edition of Sunday best I have some great refreshing summer-lovin’ sites and blogs, and I thought I’d add a couple of extra features from my own experiences with some things I’ve been testing out. These Sunday posts are a peek into my lazy Sunday mornings, and these days, they come with a bit of experimenting in the kitchen, the garden, the studio, and everything else that comes with being a busy-bee like me.

Cooks, gardeners and fellow health nuts, you’ll love the whole food, natural cooking blog Good Things Grow, I found it a few days ago and I’m hooked! Great ideas for natural healthy cooking and you know what I love… some gorgeous photography to go with it.

For design and illustration fanatics, you’ll love meeting Amanda Wright, the gal behind Wit and Whistle, where she shares behind the scenes projects, beautiful photos and sketches. Stop by her shop as well while you’re there, her gift cards and stamps are a thing of beauty.

For all you fellow foodies out there, pay Matt a visit at Matt Bites, an amazing blog that will give you a wonderfully severe overdose of color and design through food and incredible photography.

Here’s a couple of things from me to round off our Sunday Best…

Best new flavor discovery: The itty bit of magic that happens when you combine tomatoes, feta cheese and strawberries… mouthwatering! I mixed these with some greens, drizzled olive oil and red wine vinegar on top, added salt and pepper and magic happened.

Inspirational quote of the week:

“Courage doesn’t always roar, sometimes it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying I will try again tomorrow”  Mary Ann Radmacher.

Since we’re talking so much about food today, enjoy a photo of the incredible Basque Country pinxtos we had during our recent trip to Bilbao to see Radiohead. A trip you’ll be hearing about very soon.

Happy Sunday everyone!


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