Happy Sunday everyone! No, I’m not going to Church, I’m simply popping in for a short post today with this little idea I had yesterday. Since the day Pinterest was invented became the day I officially stopped sleeping, I now have these crazy amazing links on everything from food to teaching, to design and architecture, to really wonderful and creative artists that are out there somewhere. Lazy Sundays have become those great relaxing days in which I get to spend some quiet time looking around some of these amazing websites, getting inspiration for all of my weekly endeavours. What a better way to start a weekly post than to share these with you!? Drumroll please…. I give you our “Sunday Best”.

Here are some of my favorites this week:

– On cooking, Spoon Fork Bacon is one of my favorite blogs of all time. Amazing recipes and such a beautiful website as well!

– On photography, writing, design, jewelry, cooking and so much more all the way from Seattle, the fantastic Elephantine blog.

– On amazing children’s books for our readers who are parents, teachers or gift giving aunts and uncles, the great Children’s Books Guide, with amazing titles to inspire your next purchase. I’ve used many of these for teaching little ones back in the day and this selection is quite good!

– On great empowering books for young girls, the wonderful and confidence building selection of Almighty Girl.

– On photography, teaching and life in Spain, I introduce you to the very funny Owain Shaw P.I. and Republica Presente blogs, where my friend, photographer for the Edinburgh Theater Festival, and English teacher Owain Shaw will entertain you with his eloquent tales of an islander turned madrileño and show you some of his wonderful photography.

More to come next Sunday! Please note that I’m not affiliated with any of these blogs or websites, I’m simply a big fan! Hope you like them as much as I do and that the next few hours are filled with some much needed couch potato time. It’s what these doggies needed yesterday after a walk around Madrid during the hottest day we’ve had so far this summer. Dog walkers and their beautiful dogs always remind me of life in NYC and I always have to take a photo, even if it is out of focus.


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